10 Best Spring Break Destinations Part II

By Zhaokuan Liu

Fairbanks, Alaska

If you are looking for something special other than sunny beaches, I would recommend you to take a flight to the far north, where you can see the rare and mystical spectacular – the northern lights. Although the viewing season lasts from September until April, the peak viewing time is in the end of winter. Therefore spring break is the best time of year to observe the northern lights.

Fairbanks is the most reliable place to see the northern lights because it is located under the aurora oval. The city also offers other winter entertainments such as dog mushing and snowmobiling.


(Photo: aurorahealthanddayspa.com)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a must-go place on your travel list. It is internationally known for gambling. However, the city also offers various shows, exciting nightclubs, and many other entertainments like gun clubs that you will never find in China. Besides, the temperature in Las Vegas during March and April is quite comfortable compared to it in summer and winter. During your stay in Las Vegas, you can also spend a day traveling to Grand Canyon National Park. The view is truly majestic and breathtaking.


(Photo: upload.wikimedia.org)

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is probably the best place for theme park lovers to spend spring break. In the city there is the first Walt Disney World Resort. The resort is composed of multiple theme parks that each one can cost you a day to explore. The Universal Studios Florida combines thrilling rides with classic scenes from movies to inspire its visitors to experience the movies in real. The SeaWorld Orlando is one of the two places in the United States that present Shamu show.


(Photo: upload.wikimedia.org)

New York City, New York

As local people leave the city and head to warm destinations, it can be the time for you to fill their places and have an unusual version of spring break. The Big Apple offers a variety of world-renowned attractions and events. The Statue of Liberty, the New York skyline, Times Square… All those sites are not only the symbol of New York but also the symbol of the United Sates. After exploring the city during the daytime, you will find the city’s colorful nightlife after the sun goes down. Going to a fancy restaurant in Manhattan or a show on Broadway is a treat for you. If you feel homesick badly, the authentic Chinese food in Flushing is another reason why you should go to New York.


(Photo: upload.wikimedia.org)

Washington, District of Columbia

How can you travel around a country without visiting its capital? D.C. is a great place for people who are seeking an urban adventure. The city is full of famous governmental buildings and historical architectures that you have probably seen so many times in TV before you came to the United States. You can even take a tour in the White House if you have made an appointment ahead of time. For Chinese students living far away from D.C., spring break might be the only chance for them to see the magnificent cherry blossom in the city.


(Photo: dcmilitary.com)


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