Best Boba tea in LA

By ChiaChing Yang 

Boba tea, a.k.a bubble tea, originated from Taiwan, is a tea based drink mixed with milk, to which chewy tapioca balls (boba) are often added. It is one of the most popular drinks in many Asian countries and it is spreading over the world in recent years.

an iced-boba tea for the summer?

An iced-boba tea for the summer?

Having a cup of sweet milk tea with chewy boba after classes is part of my daily routines during my high school time back in Asia. After I started my life in LA, it is surprising to found so many boba tea shops in the city. Thanks to those ardent boba tea lovers who decided to bring boba to the U.S and other parts of the world. It is also lucky for me to live in this vibrant and diverse city like Los Angeles since there are always multiple choices of food and drinks to opt for.

The other surprise of the boba tea shops here is the variety of boba tea flavors. From fruit-flavored tea to cocktail style, it is fascinating to see how the original boba tea has evolved into many different new kinds of drinks. Many American chain stores like Urth caffé’ has already included boba drinks in their menu. I am truly happy to continue my boba life here in LA.


Today, there are hundreds different flavors of boba tea to pick! (Photo:

I have my own secret list of the best boba tea in LA. However, different people might have different preferences for their boba drinks. If you are seeking for high-quality and authentic tea from Asia, Rewts might be the top choice. I have been to this shop so many times since it launched last year. The shop is small but cozy. From fruit-flavored Sangria to traditional Oolong tea, they have multiple options for quality tea flavors. As for the boba, it might not be the best in town but it is handmade with organic materials. For those USC students who do not drive, this tea shop is located on the Hoover street and only a mile away from USC.

Rewts boasts a variety of organic and high-quality tea choices

Rewts boasts a variety of organic and high-quality tea choices (Photo:

I could never imagine to have a boba drink with alcohol before I came to LA. However, it seems like any crazy fusion is possible here. Boba 7 in Downtown LA is a boba bar that offers a variety of alcoholic boba and original boba tea. Since the cocktail style of drinks is getting popular in the area, the alcoholic boba might become the trend for urban style life. I pretty like the vibe and the new way of having boba drinks. I think I will visit them again and order a Barak Bobama next time! Boba 7 is located on the west 7th street in Downtown LA. You can either choose to take metro or drive your own car to grab a boba tea at Boba 7.

alcoholic boba

Alcoholic boba at Boba 7 (Photo:

For most Taiwanese students, CoCo Fresh tea & juice is their first option for boba tea. The store is a subsidiary boba tea store from Taiwan, where boba tea originated. Their boba tea is made in the authentic and original way. However, I personally recommend picking fruit-flavored tea and juices over their boba milk tea. The fruit-flovered tea is their signature drink. There is one located right next to UCLA.

There are many other boba tea stores in LA that I have not explored yet. Moreover, you can always find chain stores like It’s Boba Time and I Love Boba dotted around the area. Boba lovers in LA will never have to worry about living a life without boba!

Grab one and enjoy!

Grab one and enjoy! (Photo:


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