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IMG_2602Chia-Ching Yang I am a graduate student at USC, majoring in Global Communications. I love traveling, trying out new restaurants and watching films. This is my first year in the U.S. and I just can’t wait to explore more about the country. I am happy to take part in Boba Life and share my life with you! P.S. My favorite boba drink is the classic one: boba milk tea.




Xiyuan Sun
Hi there! This is Yuan. Here are several facts about me:
-I’m an authentic Beijinger and a proud Trojan.
-I like embracing diversity and exploring new cultures.
-I’m an animal lover! Animal means dogs and cats.
-I’m all about food, fashion and travel and always hungry for discovery.
-I hope my posts can be a source of inspiration and I’m happy to hear your opinions.
-My favorite boba drink is taro milk tea with boba 🙂



IMG_1 (1)Zhaokuan Liu

Hello! This is Zhaokuan Liu. I went to undergraduate school at USC (University of South Carolina), and currently I am a graduate student at USC (University of Southern California). From a Gamecock to a Trojan, one thing haven’t changed is my passion for travel. I also love seafood and movies. In here I will share my journeys and ideas with you.My favorite boba drink is vanilla milk tea. I hope you enjoy my posts and this blog!




FullSizeRender 229Zhiqi Liang
Hey!My name is Zhiqi Liang. I’m now studying in USC, majoring in Communication Management. Love travelling and exploring nice restaurants. Graphic design and photography lover. I’m also really into Japanese cartoon and K-pop. It’s my third time staying America, but I still have so many exciting discoveries!  I’d like to share all these interesting stories with you^ ^ P.S. My favorite boba drink is milk tea with caramel pudding.       How about you?


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