Let’s enjoy the festivals!Part II

By Zhiqi Liang

Veteran’s Day —- The fourth Monday in October

Photo: blog.sina.com.cn

Forest Lawn has 50 years of history to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Except the band and honor guards, the celebration also invites famous parachute team—-Golden Stars Skydiving Tea to join the performance. Continue reading


Let’s enjoy the festivals!PartI

By Zhiqi Liang

Being alone in a foreign country as  international students, we miss the family reunion in Spring Festival because Chinese and American school calendars are different; we also can’t enjoy the national holidays for traditional Chinese festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and Qingming Festival. I have had the experience of having classes on the Chinese New Year‘s Eve or taking exams when my Chinese friends back home are enjoying their “Golden Week” holidays for our National Day. However, instead of feeling upset, I think a better choice for us is to “Do as the Romans do”. Celebrating local festivals in America is not just an alternative, but also a golden opportunity to explore the unknown world and foreign culture. Like China,  the United States  also has a variety of unique holidays to celebrate except the major festivals like Christmas and New Year’s Day. So let’s see what we can do to enjoy the festivals!

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10 Best Spring Break Destinations Part I

By Zhaokuan Liu

As a school holiday that does not exist in China, spring break is a week-long vacation at universities and colleges in the United States. It gives you a great opportunity to escape school life and travel around the country. Following is a list of 10 best destinations for “spring breakers”. Prepare to pack up and make your friends in China envious!

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