10 Best Spring Break Destinations Part II

By Zhaokuan Liu

Fairbanks, Alaska

If you are looking for something special other than sunny beaches, I would recommend you to take a flight to the far north, where you can see the rare and mystical spectacular – the northern lights. Although the viewing season lasts from September until April, the peak viewing time is in the end of winter. Therefore spring break is the best time of year to observe the northern lights.

Fairbanks is the most reliable place to see the northern lights because it is located under the aurora oval. The city also offers other winter entertainments such as dog mushing and snowmobiling.

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What you need to know about grocery shopping in LA

By Xiyuan Sun

Last time we talked about some common Chinese food ingredients and their substitutes, and I’ve received many feedbacks and creative ideas of ingredient stand-ins from our inspirational readers. I’ve also found many interested in knowing which American supermarket is the best one for grocery shopping. To better answer your question, I’ll create a series of guides for grocery shopping in different parts of the States. Here my first guide is for dwellers in Los Angeles.

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